Jun 12


Yesterday while driving my car I had an experience. I am NOT an environmental nut, but sometimes I think I am leaning that way. It really pisses me off when someone flicks a cigarette out the window (especially when I am on the motorcycle) or throws trash out on our public roads. It just makes it clear to me that these selfish bastards think nothing of the people around them. It makes my blood boil.

I am driving, in my brand new Mazda 3 (which is rated as a pretty clean car!) and one lane to my left is a black Lincoln. It is a car length ahead of me and we are stopped due to a light and heavy congestion. The passanger opens his door, and deposits his styrofoam cup on the road. He places it there, so nice and neatly standing up, straw sticking out. Instantly, I feel road rage and I am livid, so I honk a few times. The guy ignores me so I put the car in park, get out of the car (it is raining) and walk up to his cup, pick it up, smack his window (scaring the shit out of him) and put the cup under his windshield wiper, give him the finger and walk back to my car to the sounds of honks, cheers and laughter from the people in the cars around me.

At this point, I am expecting a fight (two guys in the Lincoln and me by myself). But the guy does not get out of the car. He just sits there. I imagine he is stunned. The light turns green, and I roll by giving the guy the finger again. A few minutes later the car is in view again and the cup is still squashed under the wiper.

Now, I am not sure this solved anything, and honestly, I could have been shot, killed or worse (is there a worse than being killed?). But there is no room in this world for this kind of callous behavior. Pick up your trash, deposit it in the nearest receptacle or face the consequences of having a 6’1″ 230 pound guy smash it against your windshield and then be willing to take you physically out of your car and beat to a pulp.

There are a few causes in this world I am willing to fight. One is the environment, and the other is Veteran rights. That post will be for another day.

(Thanks to Tom Priest @ http://www.tompriest.com for the graphic. I did a google search for road rage and this graphic came up. I am using it, and I hope you don’t mind. if you do, please let me know and I will find another graphic. I have not modified it.

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