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GA-2100 and Japanese approaches to Tough and Functional Watches

Enjoy only the most distinctive features of G-Shock GA-2100 Series. The Watch belongs to STANDART ANA-DIGI Model Range and first appeared in 2019.

Octagonal Bezel. The bezel features the octagonal design motif maintained since the very first G-SHOCK. The outline a sense of stability, creating an expression of power worthy of the G-SHOCK.

Minimal Design. Use of the latest toughness-driven construction with carbon fiber-reinforced resin made it possible to slim the case to the utmost limit. The side profile design pays homage to the very first model with its button layout, uneven surface form and fixed-angle band.

Dimensional Dial. With a sense of depth achieved with three-dimensional molding, the dial features a minute-mark-notched dial ring, three-dimensional index cuts, a mode dial and irregular shaped LCD in a sweetly balanced arrangement. The spacious layout makes for a face design offering simplicity as well as excellent visibility.

Monochromatic Color. The GA-2100 line comes in a thoroughly fashion-conscious color scheme. The GA-2100-4A boasts 9 different shades of red. The application of a different shade for each component — from the case exterior to the dial, dial ring, hands, LCD, buckles and more — gives the watch an overall integrated look, while bringing out an irresistible textural feel in its detailing.

Carbon Core Guard Structure. The module is protected with a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case. The special characteristics of the carbon fiber material — light weight, high strength and superior weather resistance — were leveraged to make the case as slim and compact as possible, with no compromise on shock resistance.

The Challenge of a Thinner Case. The developers pursued a thinner design while still satisfying the original G-SHOCK criteria for shock resistance. They strengthened the external structure and slimmed the module, achieving wafer-thin at just 11.8mm.

Thin Module. The module was slimmed by miniaturizing the componentry and employing optimized, high-density mounting for the circuit board structure. Combined with the Carbon Core Guard structure, these efforts made for an astonishingly smaller, slimmer case.

Double LED Light. The double LED with high luminance brightly illuminates the dial and LCD to ensure readability in the dark.

Slide Lever. A slide lever makes it easy to attach and remove the band — a very handy feature for cleaning and other maintenance.

Shock-Resistant Structure and 200m Water Resistance. The shock-resistant structure protects the watch. With 200m water resistance as well, the watch is ideal for use in a wide range of locations and situations.

GA-2100 Model Range *may be updated

*You may find updated information about colors on our G-Shock 2021 New Releases page →

GA-2100 Profile
Average Amazon Price: $100 (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon)
Year of first release: 2019
Lineup: STANDART ANA-DIGI (This Line includes Digital and Analog displays on G-Shocks that are the best in “price/quality” category. Usually have traditional digital functions, but with beautiful hands. Don’t worry, the hands won’t prevent you from seeing digits, since there is a special Hand Shift technology that moves them to the neutral position) All G-Shock Standart Ana-digi Watches →
Best for: Small Wrists, Teenagers, Office and Formal Wear, Top in G-Shock Lookbooks
The most distinctive specs:
200-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
Carbon Core Guard structure (protects the module by enclosing it in a carbon case. The case is made of fine resin embedded with carbon fibers for outstanding strength and crack resistance)
Other colors and full specs: GA-2100 Wiki Page

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