Sep 23

I have to admit I lost my patience with Eli today and grounded him for life for his behavior at a Brunch today. We rarely have the opportunity to take pictures of all the kids together. When we have the chance, it is always Eli who melts down and ruins the photo.

Today, he was in a perfectly good mood and having not an issue until my Brother-in-Law took out his camera and tried to get the dreaded picture and that set Eli off into a spiral of crying, hugging, whining and well things I can only define in vulgarities. To say the least, it pissed me off and I let him know.

It took about four hours before he apologized and we talked about it. He didn’t know why he reacted that way and he was sorry but it was yet another moment that the day before he was perfect and today he was a disaster. So frustrating being a parent to a Autistic child.

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