Sep 03

Ok, so by now you know that I am freaking out a bit because I don’t think we are ready for Ziggy to arrive. T-16 days now until his due date and I finally am feeling a bit more confident. Things that we achieved last night:

Took apart and washed Eli’s old infant car seat. Then spent an hour trying to put it together again!
Arranged Viacord (we did this with Eli so it is only fair to do it for Ziggy)
Put the base in each car for the car seat (it just never feels like it is in tight enough for me)
Raised the mattress of the crib one notch higher (to the highest setting).
Made the crib all up with the newly washed sheets etc.
Got the dog scheduled for a haircut and bath
Ordered all the new breast pump tubing
Finalize our birth plan (LOL – we don’t even have one!)

All in all, I feel more confident. We still need to pack a bag for Jodi and Eli, gather a list of everyone to call, and get the house and rugs cleaned by a pro.

2 Responses to “Gettings Things Done (Ziggy Prep Work)”

  1. BK Pastor Dan Says:

    It is amazing all the crap the smallest family member needs to “survive.”. How did our ancestors survive without Gerber and Toys R Us…I read an old school remedy for teething: put a sugar cube or two in a cloth, tie it off with string and dip it in whiskey. No wonder they were a bunch of alcoholics!

  2. Bernard Says:

    Pastor Dan,

    Reminds me of a story I once heard of a place called “SugarTit”, which I think was in TN. It was a place were all the local folk brought their kids to be watched when they went to work. They described making those exact items for kids, which gave the place its name..

    Thanks for the visit and comment!


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