Oct 01

He caught this little guy using a live worm on his first cast.


So Eli had his first Cub Scout camping trip and it was a huge success. He did all the activities and only complained about helping pack up our stuff on the final day. He ate outdoors, slept in a tent, went fishing and learned how to shoot a bow and arrow. The coolest thing was watching him break away from Dad and be social with the rest of his Cub Scout friends. I didn’t have to correct him, intervene or try to encourage him to do anything. He just did it. What a great thing watching him this weekend.

This just goes to show you that a PDD-NOS/Asperger/Autistic kid can be successful at things like the Scouts. Eli took away from the experience a desire to take Archery lessons and go fishing more. Guess what I am shopping for now!

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